Bespoke Training Plans

Got a race you’re targeting and want a training plan but don’t have the need (or funds!) to take up our full coaching offers?  You could use a generic plan from a book or website, but that has not been designed for your specific needs, so you’re taking a gamble that it will do the job.

The alternative?

Our Bespoke Training Plan Service

What Do You Get?

A personalised 12 or 16 week training plan, tailored to you and your needs, to help you achieve your goal.

• A meeting in person or over the phone or Skype with Mark to discuss your goals, current training regime, time available to train and so on – basically we want to get as much info from you as we can to make your training plan completely specific to your needs, and make it a plan that fits with the rest of your life.

• You will get guidance on how to carry out and manage the programme

• You can contact us with questions about the sessions at any time

• Generally we would provide a 12 week plan but if you have less or more time until your key race, we can customise the duration. (NB we would suggest that 10 weeks is the minimum duration)

• You will get access to the members only section of our website, which is a veritable minefield of information to help you get the best out of yourself – from S&C, to swim drills, nutrition tips and more.